Saco Bay Vacation Rentals

Our Saco Bay vacation rentals are located along the Maine coastline and include many favorite communities such as Old Orchard Beach, Pine Point, Ferry Beach, Camp Ellis, Kinney Shores, and Hills Beach.

All Vacation Rentals

View all of our Saco Bay vacation rentals. We offer a wide selection of rentals that can accommodate anywhere from one to fifteen guests.

July Specials

July discounts range from 10% to 25%!

Waterfront Properties

Saco Bay Rentals has waterfront properties in Old Orchard Beach, Ferry Beach, Camp Ellis, and Hills Beach!

Old Orchard Beach

Our Old Orchard Beach vacation rentals are located near all the attractions, shops, and restaurants that are located in this classic Maine beach town.

Ferry Beach

Our Ferry Beach and Kinney Shores vacation rentals include beach homes and cottages located near Ferry Beach state park. These two beach communities are located north of Camp Ellis and Hills Beach.

Camp Ellis & Hills Beach

Our Camp Ellis and Hills Beach vacation rentals offer various size homes located in Saco and Biddeford, Maine. These two unique beaches are located on opposite sides of where the Saco River meets the Atlantic ocean. Camp Ellis is on the north side, with Hills Beach on the south side of the river.

Kinney Shores and Ocean Park

Our Pine Point vacation rentals include luxury homes that offer stunning ocean and marsh views. Pine Point Beach is located north of Old Orchard Beach.

Pet Friendly

Many of our Saco Bay vacation rentals are pet friendly and allow up to 2 dogs with pre-approval. These homes and cottages are located near various beaches including Camp Ellis Beach, Ferry Beach, and Old Orchard Beach!